February 18, 2012

And now I remember the time when we’re still together, and it’s not that I’d forget.

I’m a bad guy, but the bad guy that I am-I would not forget those things. Things we did when we were fools. When we cried out of nowhere, when we fought out of nowhere. When we surprised others for their birthday, when we made others mad. We are friends, but friends that we are, we still fight each other.

Do all of you remember when we take photos of ourselves back in the past? Those photos do not serve as the remnant of the past. They are the one that build our future, somehow. Each of us has our own picture for ourselves in mind, picture that depicts others. When my picture got blurred, I beg you not to discard that picture how bad the picture could be

We were roleplaying as someone else, describing ourselves with our favorite color. We used to wear mask on our face, but we never lie to others even though the masks we are wearing are covering our feeling. Each of us played different role, big brother and his cute sisters, being the cynical critics or siblings that fight over everything. We were imagining things, as if we are a real family.

We lent our arms for others when one of us was unhappy. We spoil each other in our own way, and also get spoiled by the circumstance. My trait of being bad guy might be contagious and influencing you in a bad way, but please note that all of you are spreading the good trait to me

And now we are still together, as always. Though we do not keep in a pack anymore. We are still together in our way. We might get separated miles away, but I reckon that friends do not get separated

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